Joe Bailey

My father gave me my first camera when I was just six years old – probably one of my all-time favourite birthday presents!

What started as a hobby during my childhood later developed into a successful career which has spanned two decades.

I secured my first job as a press photographer when I was just 19 and during my career I have photographed some of the biggest names in music and film as well as members of the Royal Family.

My portfolio includes Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Take That, Florence and the Machine, Judy Dench, the Queen, Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew among others.

fivesixphotography has a growing portfolio of clients from PR agencies, news and sport agencies to housing associations and developers, charities and major supermarket chains.

As well as capturing something different and unique for you, I pride myself on being a good communicator with a warm personality.

If you would like to commission an exceptional photography business which offers outstanding customer service please get in touch.

I look forward to working with you.